in the works:
musique inconcrète LP on Fragment Factory

out now:
musica convenzionale CD on Edizioni Aaltra

Composed and recorded by Mauro Diciocia, 2017/2018
Mastered by Pentti Dassum, 2019

Sound sources:
field recordings, 1⁄4” tape and tape-loops manipulations, piano, guitars, cello, pedals and digital processors, handmade oscillators, radio AM/FM and various circuit bent gears

The material contained in this forty-minutes track outlines a sort of manifesto designed to (re)organize the results of the sound/aesthetics research carried under the moniker torba in the first ten years of activity of the project. Musica convenzionale, at the same time, represents the first chapter of a trilogy (informally) called Le Musiche.

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